Monthly Archives: December 2022

Bouncing Back After COVID-19

by Virginie Assaf With the start of the first ‘normal’ school year in several years, this reporter reached out to students and faculty to see how, and if, they are bouncing back and recovering from COVID-19. Multiple students and staff offered statements they were willing to share. Some of these students and staff chose to remain anonymous, while others wished

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Inside Scoop on Wrestling: Featuring Caitlyn McGhee

by Yanelis Serrano Wrestling is classified as mock combat and ‘display behavior’. Historically, males were more likely to participate in wrestling than females, while women were expected to participate in less aggressive activities. Although wrestling as a sport has been around for centuries, it has yet to be restructured and modernized into a gender fluid sport. “I started wrestling as

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The retirement of Tennis Icon: Serena Williams

by Lisandra Mejia Serena Williams, born in Saginaw, Michigan, started playing tennis at the ripe age of 4. Trained by her father on public courts, constant practice led Williams the opportunity to attend Rick Macci Academy in West palm beach. This ultimately led to both of the sisters turning professional within their own respective careers. Throughout her career, Serena Williams

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