The 2023 Veteran’s Day Parade

by Yanelis Serrano

Veterans day was founded in 1947 by Raymond Weeks, a former World War II veteran. This day is presented to honor all veterans for serving this country. 

       In the town of Methuen, many families have received the gift no one wants, the gold star. This star is gifted to families who grieve the loss of their loved ones who have passed serving the U.S. Army. 

      Methuen High School’s JROTC program, funded by the U.S. Army,  pays their respects by presenting the colors, and marching in the parade. Methuen’s veterans hold the U.S., Massachusetts, Methuen, and Army branch flags. On each end stands the rifles. 

      As Methuen’s JROTC Veterans presented the colors, soldiers and veterans from the variety of Army branches  attended to show gratitude. Methuen High School’s band students marched alongside JROTC with orchestrated music.

     November 11th serves as a celebration to honor America’s fallen Methuen soldiers for their patriotism, sacrifice, and bravery in fighting for our freedom. Each veteran has their name and memory read aloud by the gold star families at Legion Memorial Plot, a place most Veterans were laid to rest. 

     Taking part in JROTC is more than simply wearing Class A uniforms taken for a grade. Honoring the fallen and showing gratitude towards our country, town, and school generates an indescribable feeling. A deed as small as marching through the city representing the colors in their honor or replacing the flags of the deceased means a lot to those who grieve their beloved soldiers.

  The Veterans we honor put America and its citizens before themselves. They fought and still fight  every day for us to live the normal lives we live now. 

      For that reason, Veterans deserve this day. A day created in their honor to appreciate the hard work and dedication they sacrificed to help us live free. 

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