• Meet the Blue & White staff!

    Check out the staff biographies below for some of the Blue & White writers and editors! Allison Kelly is currently a junior at Methuen High School and began the Blue

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  • Stop Anti-Asian Hate

    by Allison Lam The rise of Asian hate in America has recently become more prominent in society today, but when did it really start? Some say it began with the

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  • Back to in-person learning

    by Stephanie Tardugno Education is extremely important in the development of the human mind. It is vital for students to be in a school-like environment, engaging with their teachers and

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  • $1.9 Trillion Deal: The Covid-19 Stimulus

    by Anthony De Leon 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. COVID-19 came and ruined a lot of things for many people around the world. Many people lost their jobs

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  • ‘Music’ Review

    by Lizzy Staugler Is it an inspiring piece of work or a movie filled with an ableist point of view? That is the question surrounding a new movie titled Music,

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  • A Look Back at 2020

    By Alexsa Carreiro As we all know, 2020 was one of the toughest in our history. Many different events and reasons made 2020 the year it was, but many took

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