Bouncing Back After COVID-19

by Virginie Assaf

With the start of the first ‘normal’ school year in several years, this reporter reached out to students and faculty to see how, and if, they are bouncing back and recovering from COVID-19.

Multiple students and staff offered statements they were willing to share. Some of these students and staff chose to remain anonymous, while others wished to have their names disclosed.

Student 1: I’ve been feeling very stressed adapting again. Hard procrastination has been very frequent but I’m working on it. Covid has affected me in multiple ways socially, so running a few clubs this year has really helped me with regaining my social identity back.

Student 2: It’s been getting better, adapting has been hard. Online school gave me no motivation at all and put a damper on my social skills.

Student 3: I’ve been feeling like going back to a routine is good for me but I feel like I’m kind of stressed. I’m hoping by the end of quarter one everything will work out for me.

Jake Parrington: I feel like I’m stressed. I feel like quarantine has been a major setback but I’m trying.

Ivan Santiago: it’s been a bit rough at the beginning but after the second day I started feeling that quarantine was just not a good time for me.

Teacher 1: I’m bouncing back. I want to give back to my students the time that they have lost and I was really happy about the decision of non-mandatory masks. I’m a very animated person when I teach my emotions are very clear when I’m feeling something. You can see it clearly.

Miss Martell, Fine Arts Teacher: I’ve been doing well. I’m back at work physically here. I’m able to connect with people better. Covid really put a large stop sign to my creative aspect and I’m so happy to be back. And I agree that openness is key, not only for me but for my students.

Mrs. Guthrie, Media Center Specialist: I’m doing well! I think that people are all bouncing back differently and people should be patient with each other as we move on from Covid and get back into normal routines again.

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