No Progress Reports!

By. Cole Wilkinson

Methuen High has decided for the 2019-2020 school year to not give out the dreaded Progress Report.

Progress Reports were many kids nightmares if they were failing their classes early due to missing assignments. Progress Reports would be released midway through the quarter and would have student grades shown on them. The goal was to have kids go over it with their parents and their teachers and see where the grade could go up. But now that the school is no longer releasing progress reports, how are some of the students and teachers feeling about the removal of progress reports?

Most of the students that were asked, as well as a few of the teachers,do like not having progress reports come out during the middle of the quarter. British Literature and Journalism teacher, Mr. McKenna said, “I like the idea of no progress reports because I think it allows teachers and parents to talk with each other about grades without worrying about a progress report grade, because they can sometimes be misleading.”

But not everyone seems to be happy about this. One student, Sophomore Chris Lannan said, “I’m very upset because I used to like them because I would know where I was at, and I now I won’t know where I am at.”

There were a few students who didn’t seem to really mind it. Junior Anthony Smerdon said, “I don’t care, it’s on the IPad,” referring to the grade system the school uses, Infinite Campus. At any point during the quarter, parents and students can both go onto Infinite Campus and check out the grades.

So, while for some it is not good that progress reports are being removed, it seems that to most people, it’s a positive development.

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