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MHS Clubs: The BIPOC Student Coalition

by Caitlin Moriarty Following the Black Lives Matter movement demonstrations in Methuen this past summer, the BIPOC Student Coalition was added to the list of MHS’ after school activities. BIPOC, an acronym for Black Indigenous People Of Color, is an umbrella term for people of a marginalized race or ethnicity. Each Tuesday at 2:15, the student-run club alternates between Socratic

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A Look Back at 2020

By Alexsa Carreiro As we all know, 2020 was one of the toughest in our history. Many different events and reasons made 2020 the year it was, but many took this as an opportunity to make the most out of their situation. Let’s take a look back at all the craziest trends and some of the best products throughout the

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26th Annual Festival of Trees

By: Allison Lâm     Methuen’s 26th annual Festival of Trees took place from November 22nd through December 7th, at 13 Branch Street in Methuen.  The festival was filled with many beautiful Christmas trees, decorated by different companies, families, schools, and organizations in and around Methuen. Trees, from big to small, were all available for any Methuen citizens to win through a

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No Progress Reports!

By. Cole Wilkinson Methuen High has decided for the 2019-2020 school year to not give out the dreaded Progress Report. Progress Reports were many kids nightmares if they were failing their classes early due to missing assignments. Progress Reports would be released midway through the quarter and would have student grades shown on them. The goal was to have kids

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Apple’s New iPhone 11

By: Jennifer Carmona Everyone is talking about the new iPhone 11 Pro, but the real question is, is it worth the hype? Or is it just another camera upgrade? Let’s start with looks. The 11 Pro looks completely identical to the X. It comes in six colors, black, Product(Red), and new colors like yellow, green (which looks gray in some

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Mrs. Enright–From Classroom to Office

By Emily Donovan Methuen High School’s new Foreign Language Department Chair, Mrs. Enright, is thrilled to take charge. “I am so grateful for the support that my co-workers have given me! The other administrators and I work very well together,” said Mrs. Enright. She was recently promoted from teaching Spanish in a classroom to leading the entire Foreign Language Department

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