Best Winter Coffee Flavors

by Victoria Blanchette

As the fall season quickly comes to an end, winter coffee flavors are becoming people’s yearly favorites.

When it comes to coffee lovers, they have a certain soft spot for flavors that bring loads of joy during the winter season. Jordyn Graves, a senior at Methuen High School, states, “I don’t drink coffee but the peppermint mocha hot chocolate from Starbucks is a good flavor and fits the Christmas season.” Graves, 17, enjoys the excitement of  the peppermint flavor getting her ready for the holidays. “Peppermint is a key winter coffee flavor to have because with the holiday season coming up, peppermint reminds people of candy canes and it gets them excited for the holidays.” 

If you are like Graves and don’t normally drink coffee, winter is a great time to try new coffee flavors that might become your new obsession. The comfort and joy coffee brings to so many during the winter time helps make it be the best time of year. Sophomore Hailey Boumel, 15, explains, “ I personally think the best winter coffee flavor is sugar cookie, especially the sugar cookie almond milk latte at Starbucks.” Boumel finds the sugar cookie latte to be comforting. “It is so sweet and such a comforting drink and definitely something you should try.” 

What is the reason for coffee lovers’ obsession with winter coffee flavors? According to coffee service Joe’s Garage, “Winter is prime time for flavored coffee.” During the winter season people tend to lean towards winter flavors because it reminds them of what emotional connections the holiday season brings. 

The winter coffee flavors that have brought joy to so many, so get ready to add some spice to the incoming start to a brand new year!

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