Meet the Blue & White staff!

Check out the staff biographies below for some of the Blue & White writers and editors!

Allison Kelly–Staff Writer

Allison Kelly is currently a junior at Methuen High School and began the Blue & White her sophomore year. Allison took journalism as an elective her sophomore year and eventually got involved in the club. She hopes to go off and study biomedical engineering post high school. Allison currently works at Perfecto’s Café in North Andover. Allison’s favorite subjects are science and history. Allison is involved in many clubs aside from the Blue & White, including Mock Trial and National Honor Society. Her favorite teachers include Ms.Brooks and Ms.Tobin!!

Caitlin Moriarty–Arts and Entertainment Editor

Caitlin Moriarty is a senior at Methuen High School. She intended to join the Blue & White during her freshman year but didn’t have the time to join the club. Now with some after school clubs getting put on hold, she decided to join the newspaper. She is going to pursue her BA in English with a concentration in initial teacher licensure at Fitchburg State University. She also got accepted into the honors program at Fitchburg. Her favorite subject is English and her favorite teacher was Mr. Surghrue for American Government and World History. She works as a full-time childcare provider and as a tutor. Caitlin is also the Front Office Manager for the StageDoor22 drama club.Her favorite article she has written in the clue is the BIPOCC Student Coalition interview in Issue 1.

Alexsa Carreiro–Staff Writer

Alexsa Carreiro is a junior at Methuen High School. She took journalism in her sophomore year and joined the Blue & White that same year. She plays lacrosse for the school team. She works at Juicilicious in Salem NH. Her favorite subject in school is science. Alexsa wants to be a pediatric nurse practitioner when she is older. Her favorite teachers include Ms. Brooks and Mrs. Scammon. “I took journalism because it seemed different than all the other classes I had ever taken”, she says. The Blue & White is a “unique” club in which she enjoys writing.

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