Imposters on the airship!

by Allison Lam

The popular game, Among Us, received a new update on March 31st, adding the new ‘Airship’ map for players to go on.

Among Us is a multiplayer game, available to play on mobile devices and PC. It rose in popularity at the beginning of the pandemic, being something that could bring people together to play games while staying within social distancing guidelines. It follows a Mafia-style type of game, in which players are assigned either Crewmate, where you run around the map doing tasks, or Imposter, where you must kill crewmates without getting caught. Players from all over the world were joining in raising the popularity like crazy. Popular gamers went viral on game streaming apps like Twitch.

However, with the game being played and watched a lot during the pandemic, the craze for it seemed to be dying down in the past few months. But no longer.

The creators of Among Us have recently released new updates to add more interest into the game. There are things like a simple way to chat without having to type into the keyboard, some new designs added to the game, and even some new outfits players could put on. But the biggest update they added was the new map that everyone is freaking out over, The Airship.

People were aware of the new update that was coming ever since the information was released, but it is clear that people seem to be enjoying the new map. It is a lot bigger compared to the older ones like The Skeld, Mira HQ and even Polis, and have many new and different tasks all over. Sabotages that Imposters are able to carry out are new as well. The map also includes ways for the players to climb up and down ladders, and travel between parts of the map using different moving platforms.

The update has caused the increase in popularity for the game once again. The developers of Among Us, InnerSloth, have announced that there is even more in store for the game in the future — a way for 15 players to be able join one lobby (different from the current settings where only a maximum of 10 players can join). Among Us has been a popular game during the past year, and with their continuous updates and new additions, it seems like the game may be played for more years to come.

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