Monthly Archives: March 2021

Is peacock streaming worth it?

by Caitlin Moriarty Peacock, NBCUniversal’s latest streaming service, launched on April 15th of 2020. With so many competitors, how can another streaming platform stand out? Apparently, by being free. Peacock has three different plans to serve a viewer’s needs. The free version is the main appeal of the platform, providing access to two-thirds (roughly 13,000 hours) of the streaming library

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Ending Mental Health Stigmas

by Tori Minkovitz In 1883, German psychiatrist Emil Kräpelin published a system of psychological disorders addressing the symptoms of mental illness. However, it took many years for further studies of mental illness to be taken seriously. Up until the mid-20th century, people were simply placed into asylums because of the mental health issues that they had. The way history went

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‘Music’ Review

by Lizzy Staugler Is it an inspiring piece of work or a movie filled with an ableist point of view? That is the question surrounding a new movie titled Music, directed by singer-songwriter Sia. The movie follows a newly sober Zu and her half sister Music, whom Zu becomes the guardian of. Music happens to be on the autism spectrum.

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