Election 2020: Divided Reactions

by Tori Minkovitz

On Saturday, November 7, 2020, Joseph Biden Jr. was projected to win the 2020 election and became the 46th President of the United States. Biden currently has at least 279 electoral votes to President Donald Trump’s 214. Prior to the election, stores were preparing for riots, families were dividing, and people didn’t respect others’ opinions. The reactions from each party have been drastically different. From views on Amy Coney Barrett to voter fraud, America seems more divided now than ever.

Biden voters react with joy and celebration….

Many supporters of Joseph Biden celebrated their victory by dancing in the streets while the majority wore masks, as seen in photos from CNN and other news outlets. From New York to Chicago, neighbors came from their porch, car, and homes to dance with each other and celebrate a special moment together. Pictures were taken of people happily crying while hugging family members, singing songs, and hugging each other. Smiles were brought upon multiple faces in what seemed to be a moment of unity. Even though celebrating was enjoyable, many people still made sure to wear masks to protect themselves and others.

While Trump supporters were stunned by the loss.

On the other hand, most Republicans and Trump supporters were not having as great a day. Neither was Trump, who has sued 12 states already. An article written by Mark Sherman, a writer for AP News, tells readers Trump has filed lawsuits against Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. A video posted by The Telegraph claims that the suits are due to unsubstantiated electoral fraud claims.

In Georgia and Michigan, some Trump supporters are protesting Biden’s win and tax hikes against the rich, while holding up signs that state “liberty not liberal” and “black sharpies matter.” In this time, some Republicans are filled with anger, defiance, and disappointment in Biden’s victory.

After researching Republican’s reactions to the election, I decided to do my own research and ask fellow Republicans that I know on Snapchat how they feel about the election. I talked to two teenagers named Dimitrios and Justin. They allowed me to explain their answers but asked that I not reveal their last names. I asked them both the same question, “what are you feeling and what are other Republican’s doing since he lost the popular vote?” Both boys mentioned that most voters are concerned about voter fraud. They explained how many supporters insist that the election is not over because Trump will win his court cases and aren’t worried about losing.

The First Amendment declares freedom of speech and the right to expression. Sometimes, people forget that this amendment exists–not just with protesting but also with voicing your opinion, then shutting down others if their views are different. We must remember to value each other’s viewpoints in this country right now, even if we oppose them.

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