NHS Inductions of 2020

by Allison Lam

Every year, National Honors Society at Methuen High School inducts students into their chapter for juniors with exceptional academic reports, and a strong representation of scholarship, character, leadership and service.

Typically, the school holds a large event for the induction in the auditorium, with inductees wearing formal clothing, family and friends coming to congratulate the students, and staff members and current members helping run the event. However, that the plan for the event has changed this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Having an event like this in an online format may not feel the same as the original ceremony in school, but with the help of the school advisor for National Honor Society, Mrs. Ring, and the chapter officers, the inductees were able to have a wonderful ceremony, even if they were stuck at home.

The ceremony was conducted at school, in MHS’ media center, where Mrs. Ring, Mr. Barden and the Chapter officers, Jaden Oun, Lucille Cook, Gabriella Fiato, Stephanie Tardugno, and Bella Keaney had spoken for and ran the event that was projected on television, and live on YouTube.

Each inductee was given a slide to present themselves, adding information such as their first and last name, a photo of themselves, and answers to questions like, ‘Who is a person who has influenced you the most’, and ‘What is a school or community service activity that you are proud of the most?’

It was a wonderful night, and even if the students couldn’t have their usual lighting of candles, walking onstage, and taking a big picture, there will always be one thing that the current pandemic cannot change: the pride for the students who have been inducted into the chapter. Congratulations to all of the students inducted into MHS’, National Honors Society 2020-2021 Chapter!

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