Methuen High’s New Interim Associate Principal

by Allison Kelly

This year, Methuen High School welcomed a new Interim Associate Principal for the junior class, Ms. Javier. Many students recognize Ms. Javier as their chemistry teacher but this year she has taken on a new role.

Ms. Javier started teaching chemistry at MHS in 2012. Before teaching at Methuen, she taught chemistry at Lawrence High School for 16 years. She went to college as a chemistry major. After tutoring some of her friends for upcoming tests, she realized she has a passion for teaching. This is when she added education onto her major.

Ms. Javier is very passionate about working with students. With this new position, she can interact with all the students in the junior class. She said, “ I have always enjoyed helping my students understand chemistry but my greatest fulfillment came when I was able to help a student grow both academically and personally.”

This new position has Ms. Javier jumping from interacting with 120 students to nearly 500 students. Going from teaching in a classroom to becoming an associate principal has many differences. Last year she had her focus on her 120 students, chemistry and her classroom. As described by Ms. Javier, “As an associate principal my main concerns have amplified to include all of our approximately 2000 students, all the subjects they are learning and the entire building.”

These differences have helped change her perspectives on both teachers and administrators. Covid- 19 has also brought the administration closer together this year. They have created a support system and have been helping Ms. Javier with this new role. “ I feel that I am adjusting well to my new role this year because Covid-19 is no match for the dedication that MHS teachers, counselors and administrators have,” said Ms. Javier.

Her goal for this year is to have every student become successful and to increase student engagement. She wants to achieve this by focusing primarily on supporting teachers, students and families.

As she is an interim associate principal, the position might not be permanent. Mrs. Javier said, “ I am learning the new position and I have the opportunity to decide if this is a good fit for me and if I am a good fit for the position.” Stay tuned for a permanent answer in the spring!

When asked if she had any favorite moments at Methuen High, Mrs. Javier expressed her love for the annual pep rally that is held every year before Thanksgiving. She proclaimed, “The MHS pep rally has got to be the best pep rally in the Merrimack Valley!” Aside from teaching and this new position, Ms. Javier enjoys spending time with God, her family and friends.

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