‘The Joker’ Is No Laughing Matter

by Arianna Gangi

If you have been paying attention to any sort of media platform lately, you would know that a new movie was sweeping through the theatres like a bad joke. 

“The Joker”, directed by Todd Philips, is not just your average ‘comic book figure brought to life’ type of movie. The audience is put into the shoes of not the hero, but the villain. In this case, Batman’s arch enemy, the Joker, is displayed as the main character in this bleak film. We get to witness the grim and violent story of Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix, unfold as he struggles to fit into a society that bullied, isolated, and disregarded him.

“It’s…difficult to watch,” Writer Neil Soans from the Times of India said. “Yet, it is hands down one of the most compelling and beautifully crafted movies that has hit theaters this year.” Many people can agree, The Joker doesn’t disappoint when it comes to disturbing its viewers psychologically. Every scene is a new page in a captivating horror story, the concept dark and gritty, but also humane. There are no super powers, no aliens, just the reality of how cruel society can be. 

What really makes this movie a masterpiece is the wonderful performance from Joaquin Phoenix. The terrifying laugh, crumbling sanity, and emotionless eyes haunt you days after you watched. His take on the role as Joker is riveting. He takes you on an emotional roller coaster, displaying the birth of a villain. “Joaquin plays the title role with piercing intensity,” Jole Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal says. “ The film leaves you numb, fascinated, and lost for words.” 

Not only do you leave the theater entertained, you leave not knowing if everything you had seen was reality, or just events conjured up by the insanity of the Joker. But, it just adds on to how interesting this movie is. It is definitely worth seeing. The internal conflict and cold truth of the world gives the Joker the last laugh.

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