New School Year, New Books for ‘Books and Bagels’

By Johnna Padvaiskas 

Take a bite out of a bagel while you dive into a whole new world.

Books and Bagels, Methuen High School’s own book club, is excited for the new school year, because a new year means new books! This year the club was creative with their books, picking a wide variety.

“Last year, we felt that a lot of the books we read were very similar; most were dystopian novels with a bit of fantasy mixed in,” Ms. DiGloria, the teacher for books and bagels said. “This year, we are trying to have each month feature a different genre.” 

The list for Books and Bagels this year is:

October – Mystery/Horror: The Dead Girls Detective Agency by Suzy Cox.

November – Fantasy/Sci Fi: choose your own Harry Potter book.

December – Fiction: I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan.

January – Crime/Psychology Thriller: Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany Jackson.

February – Historical Fiction: Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

March – Fiction: They Both Die in the End by Adam Silvera.

April – Graphic Novel: Raven by Marv Wolfman.

Ms. DiGloria is optimistic about the upcoming year, saying, “I think this will be an awesome year for Books and Bagels!  We have some great club members who are really enthusiastic about reading.” 

Junior, Elizabeth Stauglar, a member of the club, agreed, saying, “I think it will be an amazing year for books and Bagels because we have such a variety of books that everyone will be able to find something they enjoy.”

So far the club is most excited for their second read: choose your own Harry Potter book.

“We have a lot of Harry Potter fans in the club and some members who are new to the series. I think we’ll have some great conversations with some really passionate Potter fans,” said Ms. DiGloria.

Elizabeth Staugler is also a huge Harry Potter fan and can’t wait for others to join in on the magic. “I love Harry Potter and by reading this everyone will get to experience the magic of the wizarding world.”

This year a goal for the club is to attract new members who could bring a diverse array of perspectives into the mix, making for even better conversations.

Anybody who would like to join the club can go see Ms. DiGloria in room 2023, across from Ms. Hornby’s office.

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