Mrs. Enright–From Classroom to Office

By Emily Donovan

Methuen High School’s new Foreign Language Department Chair, Mrs. Enright, is thrilled to take charge.

“I am so grateful for the support that my co-workers have given me! The other administrators and I work very well together,” said Mrs. Enright. She was recently promoted from teaching Spanish in a classroom to leading the entire Foreign Language Department as Department Chair.

Mrs. Enright started teaching at Methuen High School in September of 2012. After seven full years of teaching, she made the decision to apply for the vacant Department Head position. At first, Mrs. Enright was skeptical about applying, saddened by the thought of losing her classroom full of students.

Fortunately for Mrs. Enright, the 2019 school year came with lots of surprises. “When I was told that I would be taking over some of Mrs. Joy’s classes while she was on leave, I was thrilled! I am very thankful to be able to continue teaching.”

Along with supporting her fellow teachers, Mrs. Enright balances her daily class agenda with all of her new responsibilities. Her favorite part of the position is supporting her students and giving influential feedback to both teachers and students in the Foreign Language Department.

The change from teacher to administrator was bound to come with some challenges, but there have been none that all-time favorite Mrs Enright can not handle. “The only real challenge is that now, instead of being responsible for a classroom of students, I am responsible for every student that is currently enrolled in a foreign language class.” She added that, “Overall, the transition has been very pleasant. All of the teachers and administrators are super welcoming. Though I do miss having my own classroom, I guess my new office will do . . . but not until I make it more homey!”

The Wheaton College Undergraduate has always had a love for Spanish, and for teaching. While in college, Mrs. Enright studied abroad in Spain, where her passion for language grew stronger, influencing her to go to Harvard Graduate School to receive her Master’s Degree to teach Spanish.

Aside from teaching, Mrs. Enright enjoys camping with her husband and their daughter in New Hampshire and Vermont and spending time with her 12-year-old dog.

Mrs. Enright continues to discover many surprises. “There are new challenges every day. I now know that I was wrong when I thought I would be sitting in a chair all day. I am constantly on my feet running around! I wouldn’t want it any other way,” said Mrs. Enright, Methuen High School’s newest foreign language legend!

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