Methuen High’s 36th Science Fair

Methuen High School hosted its 36th annual Science Fair on February 7, 2022. The science fair allows students enrolled in an AP science class to showcase their knowledge through formulating their own posters and videos.

Congratulations to the students recognized in the 2021-2022 MHS Science Fair!

First Place Overall

 Emma Kwong – DIY Star Tracker vs. Commercial Star Tracker 

(MHS representative for the Mass State Science Fair in May 2022)

Outstanding Biology Project 

Yah Obenge – Effect of the Meat Industry on Climate Change

Ana Letourneau – Clothing Waste and the Environment 

Outstanding Environmental Science Project

Miqueas Pita – Does Your Grass Hold Onto Your Soil?

Outstanding Chemistry Project

Bryan Diep and Rory Smith – Anyone Order Some Stairs?

Outstanding Physics Project

Dariel Garcia, Tristan McDermott, and Michael Marchand – Effect of Mass on Conservation of Kinetic Energy

Outstanding Biotechnology Project

 George Hbaiter – Bacteria Meats Media

Outstanding Research Project

 Angeliris Cabrera – The Effect of Hormones on Acne

Outstanding Service Project

 Elanor Murphy, Olivia Murphy, Naiyma Pina Cabral – Effect of Limited Access to Healthy Foods on People in Low-income Communities

Outstanding Laboratory Project

 Meriem Elkoudi and Miana Caraballo – The Effects of Mass on Running Performance

Outstanding Engineering Project

Samantha Jabak – Sea Bin Prototype

Outstanding Team Science Fair Project

Tanvi Patel, Madison Chin, and Ava Duffy – Mental Health in Teens

The following students completed an approved Individual Research Plan and will represent MHS at the Region IV Science Fair on Sunday, March 6, 2022:

Angeliris Cabrera – The Effect of Hormones on Acne

Emma Kwong – DIY Star Tracker vs. Commercial Star Tracker

Bertha Posada Villanueva – Environmental Effects on Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients

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