Science National Honor Society Induction


by Lauren Schena

Methuen High School’s Science National Honor Society held its annual induction ceremony to recognize both new and current members who have exemplified academic excellence in their science courses on November 15, 2021.

As a way to make up for the unexpected virtual induction last year, SNHS advisor Mrs. Melanson planned a ceremony where everyone could experience a true, in-person induction. At the ceremony, 32 new members were inducted along with 41 current members. Students were presented with a SNHS membership pin along with a glow stick (which the students symbolically lit at the end of the ceremony to represent the start of a new academic journey), solidifying their membership.

With the effects that COVID has had on large gatherings, it was a great victory for Mrs. Melanson and the students to experience a normal induction ceremony. “Last year was great, we did the slideshow and the virtual presentation,” Melanson said, “but it was much more personable, obviously, in person, and it was nice to see everybody’s faces and make that connection.”

When asked how she felt about hosting an in-person ceremony as opposed to a virtual one, Mrs. Melanson said, “It was so nice to have everybody recognized one at a time and to include the recognition of people inducted last year as well.” It’s clear that the effort and dedication put into this year’s induction ceremony was worth it because although COVID has made things difficult, these hard working students deserve to be recognized.

With an in-person induction ceremony and the cracking of a new light (with glow sticks that is) the SNHS is off to a great start! Be on the lookout for their upcoming science and service projects throughout the year, their first project will be the science fair which is happening in the upcoming months. Hope to see you there!

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